"The U.S. government was the first to start an automobile junkyard on the Moon." - anon
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Eco Elvis
The Environmentally Friendly Elvis

"The oceans could start rising,
Floods and droughts could come our way,
People, plants and animals could start dying
From a burnin' globe" - Burnin' Globe

Hello, I'm Eco Elvis. I'm Kansas City's own environmentally friendly Elvis impersonator. My job is to educate people and get them to take action for the environment. I do this by singing recycled versions of the King's songs and speaking to diverse audiences. Song titles include Burnin' Globe (Burning Love), Can't Help Recycling It All (Can't Help Falling In Love), etc. 

This web site has two main purposes: to let you find out more about me, my shows and music and to give you the best information to take action for the environment in your daily life. So, enjoy it babuh, and...thankyuh, thankyuhverymuch for visiting!

Send me an email: [email protected]

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